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A full, but fun Sunday

October 2, 2016

Today was my first full day home in a while. I did get some of the mundane tasks done like bill paying and laundry, but then I had a few hours to spend in the yard. I got the entire front and side yard weed-eated and then I sprayed with Round-up. Now is a great time to spray with a non-selective herbicide to kill perennial weeds. I sprayed Bermuda grass and poison ivy. poison-ivy-oct-16 I hope to add a layer of cardboard and mulch in the coming weeks to keep this area as clean as possible. my-yard-oct-16-2

I don’t use many chemicals in my yard at all, but I have not had as much time to spend in my yard recently and I am hoping for a hail Mary to help.  I also pulled out most of the tomato plants. They were still giving me a handful of cherry tomatoes daily, but they looked awful. I replanted with bok choy and arugula. veg-transplants-oct1-16 veg-transplants-planted-oct-16 and planted flat leaf and curly leaf parsley. Not great plant selections, but I am hoping they will fill in now that they are planted. parsley-oct2-16

I bought some giant red mustard and violas. Violas will take warm fall weather better than pansies will, so I am holding off on planting pansies for a bit. I bought some more mums and an aster, plus a few more pumpkins. It is slowly turning to fall in my garden. my-yard-oct-16-3 my-yard-oct-16-6 violas-oct2-16

I pruned out some overgrown plants, and fertilized all the annuals and vegetables, and watered everything. I drug hoses instead of relying on the sprinkler system.  I think my big leaf hydrangeas look stellar right now. The spent blooms have turned magenta and I think I like them almost better than the fresh blooms. hydrangeas-oct-16

I got inside and cleaned up for a rash of events this afternoon and evening.  First stop was a pampered chef party out in Ferndale.  Great ghoulish treats to whet our appetite. pampered-chef-party-oct-1 pampered-chef-party-oct-2 pampered-chef-party-oct-3 

Although I think I own the whole catalog, I bought more and had fun. We left there and drove to our next party.  MG and friend Carol Young was celebrating the 100th year of her house in Hillcrest. I saw many MGs and church friends here.hundred-year-house-party-oct-3 hundred-year-house-party-oct-2 hundred-year-house-party-oct-1

Then it was home for a brief respite before heading to my son’s for dinner.  He was testing out some recipes to get the ingredient list and recipe down for an upcoming event, and I got to be the recipient of a fabulous meal. catering-job-oct-3 catering-prep-oct2-1

So it has been a full day but a lot of fun. I could have used a few more hours at home, but YOLO!  (You Only Live Once!)


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  1. Mary Gibbs permalink
    October 3, 2016 3:35 pm

    Recipes, recipes!! The food looks wonderful.

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