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Fall Gardening

October 3, 2016

I am speaking all over the state it seems like and most folks want the topic of fall gardening. Tonight I did the presentation at the Saline County library in Benton.  We had a good crowd and their local television crew came and taped it to run on their public access channel. saline-library-program-oct-1 saline-library-program-oct-2

While it definitely feels like fall at night and early in the morning, mid-day it has gotten pretty warm again, and man oh man is it dry outside.  We could use some rain. We talked about watering and fall planting.  Have you seen all the surprise lilies or lycoris? surprise-lilies-lycoris-oct1-16-3It has been a good year for them.  Lycoris radiata is the Latin name and once the flower stems disappear, the foliage should begin to come up. This particular lycoris will keep its foliage all winter and die in late spring. Other signs of fall are the seed pods of buckeyes are ripe.  If you want to plant one from seed, the key is to get to the seed as soon as it begins to crack.  They lose viability very quickly after they are ripe. buckeye-seed-pod-oct-1-2 buckeye-seed-pod-oct-1-1  We also are beginning to see fall color on trees including blackgum and dogwoods. dogwood-coloring-oct1-16  If you grow cleyera as a shrub, you may see fruit for the first time, or at least in larger quantities than normal.  cleyera-fruit-oct-16cleyera-2012-1

Most people don’t grow it for the berries but for the glossy evergreen foliage.

While many folks are planting pansies and violas, I still have quite a few summer plants going strong.  The new petunia and callibrachoa plants have survived in fine form, and should really do well now that cooler weather is here. petunia-and-calibrachoa-oct1-1 petunia-and-calibrachoa-oct1-2  The key to both of these plants is fertilize, fertilize, fertilize –and of course water as needed.

It is a busy time in the garden and also at the office.  We had more planning meetings this afternoon on the 2017 State Conference.  Sometimes we just need a few more hours in the day!


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