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Proclamation and work

October 5, 2016

It has been an amazing week in the state and at home every night! That hasn’t happened in a while.  Tomorrow I head to Forrest City for the St. Francis County “Fall into Gardening” seminar at the Mid-South Health Systems Building, 4451 North Washington,  in Forrest City.  There is a registration fee involved and a great program.

Saturday I will be at the Bee Event at Bemis Tree Farm which starts at 9 a.m and ends at 4 p.m. 13206 Asher Road, LR.  This is a free event.

On Monday all Master  Gardeners who wear their nametag, plus county agents get in free at the Botanical Gardens of the Ozarks in Fayetteville.  bot-gard-of-the-ozarks-sept19-14-01 bot-gard-of-the-ozarks-sept19-14-16

Our MG Appreciation day has so many activities planned.  I hope you will join us! The official date of the MG Birthday is October 13, but we have gotten a Governor’s proclamation for the offical Arkansas MG week from Oct. 9- 15. proclamation-16-1

Many of you have ordered lunch and/or t-shirts, but if you did not pre-order there are plenty of places nearby to go and eat.

We have been hotter and drier than normal for this time of year. I hope you have been monitoring your water needs. This is the time of year to plant fall vegetablesfall-planting-oct6 kale-jan16-2and fall ornamentals pansiesbut they will die quickly if you don’t water.

Even the most drought tolerant plant needs water through establishment.

I have had a busier than normal schedule this fall. I had friends over for dinner last night and tonight, so I am a bit behind on blogging. I hope you can come to one of the upcoming seminars in the state. But do stay connected



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