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Preparing and a break in the weather

October 7, 2016

It was another warm, but low humidity day. But tonight it feels amazing, and the weekend looks promising but dry. I did spend a lot of time watering this evening and plants sure need a drink of water!

Today was a day of preparing and making sure we have everything ready for the coming week. Sunday we leave for Fayetteville to be there early Monday morning for our MG appreciation day at the Botanical Gardens of the Ozarks. bot-gard-of-the-ozarks-sept19-14-01 bot-gard-of-the-ozarks-sept19-14-15I expect to see a huge turnout of MGs from around the state. I know we have several big and small buses coming along with a lot of folks driving their own cars. The Washington County MGs have really gone above and beyond to get us ready.

All Master Gardeners and Extension Agents just need to wear their name badges to get in for free.  Many of you have ordered lunches and/or t-shirts and tickets and shirts will be available to you when you arrive.

I will get home late Monday and leave really early Tuesday for 4 days in Mississippi helping them honor their 25 years of MG service.  It is a quid pro quo for Lelia helping me with A to P this summer.

I also am working on several of our trips today.  We still have a few slots available for Vietnam, and we will start working on the Rhine soon.

Tonight I did get some cooking prep done. I have friends coming for dinner tomorrow night and I am working most of the day. We have several gardening events going on, from the River Valley Nursery event all day at their nursery and then Bee Days. I am speaking at 11 and 1 so come join us. Fall is a busy time of the year.

When life gives you lemons you make lemonade. When your garden gives you a lot of eggplant you make ratatouille and eggplant dip. I did both today for tomorrow nights dinner. ratatouillle-oct-16 roasted-eggplant-dip-2

I have also heard from many of you about the MG volunteer online survey. I have to agree that it is too long and some of the questions are confusing at best, but it is a national survey and I want Arkansas represented, so grin and bear it and do your best to get through.  The questions on demographics are at the end, so try to get through it.  Those of you who emailed me that the link doesn’t work, it has to be your server or computer security, because our IT folks and many MGs are getting through fine.  Thank you for persevering and doing the best you can to get through.  Keep in mind you do get one hour of work credit for doing it, and it should only take 30 minutes and thank you for doing it!


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  1. Hilde Simmons permalink
    October 7, 2016 9:00 pm

    I have not seen the MG survey online. Did it come through Constant Contact? How did I miss it?

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