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Garden events!

October 8, 2016

October is one busy month. There are so many events that you simply don’t have time to do them all.  Today I had two events. I was out at River Valley Nursery as their fall festival got under way this morning. It was a glorious day to be outside. The nursery was loaded with fall color pansies-2 swiss-chard-oct-16and I did get some violas, Swiss chard, a mesclin mix and a really bright red snapdragon and dianthus.  I visited with the Pulaski County crew who was out answering questions and recruiting new MGs. river-valley-nursery-day-oct-1 river-valley-nursery-day-oct-4They had a variety of educational booths throughout the nursery, and there was already a good crowd early. I am sure it built all day. river-valley-nursery-day-oct-2

Then it was on to Bemis tree farm in Wrightsville for their fall Honey Days.  They had loads of activities for the kids and family honey-days-oct-16-4 honey-days-oct-16-5 as well as a whole host of educational topics. honey-days-oct-16-2 They had a honey contest and it was amazing at the color diversity of the honey.  honey-days-oct-16-6 honey-days-oct-16-8

They had food trucks for lunch and a few vendors selling items. One was our MG selling jams and jellies with her family. They had some really unusual and interesting flavors, along with the normal ones. I encouraged her to have a booth at our state MG conference. honey-days-oct-16-9 I had two talks today and both were well attended.  One was on creating a year-round bee garden, and the other was attracting pollinators. It had warmed up a bit by the time I left the farm and made it home, but it is cooling down nicely tonight.

I did water more when I got home but haven’t had time to plant yet. I had friends over for dinner, so by the time I made it home I only had 2 hours before they arrived. I made an unusual dish– celeriac.  We saw the vegetable growing in the UK knighthayes-court208 I saw it this week at the grocery store so I bought one. It has a unique taste that we all loved. It is not the prettiest of vegetables and if you are not a fan of celery, you probably won’t like it but it was a nice addition. celeriac-oct-2 celeriac-oct-3 celeriac-oct-1

We had a lovely evening visiting, eating and playing games, and I didn’t take a single picture!

Tomorrow I load up to head north to Fayetteville so I can be at the Botanical Gardens early on Monday morning. I hope to see you there.

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