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A little gardening and ready for MG Appreciation Day! 

October 9, 2016

What a spectacular Sunday. It was actually a pretty amazing weekend. I was home alone for an entire weekend which is something quite rare. My family is often home without me, but this weekend the tables were turned and they were off on adventures. Although I did work a good portion of Saturday and left for Fayetteville at 2:30 today, the rest of the time I got so much accomplished. Today I got some of the summer annuals pulled and replanted with pansies, violas, dianthus and snapdragons.

Petals was a big help following me all around the yard.  Too bad she can’t dig the holes. Then I renovated some of the vegetable garden and replanted Swiss chard, a mesclun salad mix and two thornless blackberries. 

I also watered everything and fertilized vegetables and annuals. Plus I got the yard Halloween decor out and up. Most of my inside I finished decorating too. I got a few columns written, my suitcase packed for today and then Tuesday through Friday. I even ironed, something I do at least once a year! It was a most productive weekend and I loved the cool nights and mornings.

The drive to Fayetteville was beautiful and the trees are beginning to change color. A little rain would help with fall color. I had a working dinner with some of our County 76 board members and we came back for more planning in the room tonight. I am blessed with dedicated volunteers at the county and state level which is why  I am so excited about our celebration tomorrow. Recognizing volunteers for all they do is important. The Washington County MGs have really worked hard to make this a stunning event. I hope to see all of you at the Botanical Garden of the Ozarks tomorrow. 

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