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Mississippi and home

October 14, 2016

We finished up the last of our 4 Mississippi Celebrations this morning in the Delta district.  We had the retired horticulture department head who was around when the program began today. He did an excellent job summing up how important Master Gardeners are to the state extension programs and how the program began in Mississippi. miss-mg-25-celebrations-1 miss-mg-25-celebrations-4 miss-mg-25-celebrations-5 miss-mg-25-celebrations-10

I think Lelia and her assistant Tim did an excellent job organizing these events and honoring their volunteers.  We also had a great time traveling the state of Mississippi. I got to see so much in a short period of time. They were long days, but well worth it. As we drove from our last stop back to my car in Verona we passed through the town of Vardaman, Mississippi, the town that has proclaimed to be the sweet potato capital of the world.  There were row after row of sweet potato sheds as we drove through. We stopped at a place Lelia knew and got to see them unloading the cured sweet potatoes, cleaning, grading and boxing them up.  sweet-potatoes-ms-oct-6 sweet-potatoes-ms-oct-12 sweet-potatoes-ms-oct-13sweet-potatoes-ms-oct-3 sweet-potatoes-ms-oct-11 sweet-potatoes-ms-oct-9 sweet-potatoes-ms-oct-5 sweet-potatoes-ms-oct-4  We also got a box of sweet potatoes to share.  Right down the road was the sweet potato sweet shop, which has a store full of sweet and savory items, all made from sweet potatoes. We loaded up stuff there as well. sweet-potatoes-ms-oct-1 sweet-potatoes-ms-oct-14

They have their annual sweet potato festival coming up the first week of November if you want to go and join in the festivities. After that interesting stop, it was a straight shot back to Verona, where we transferred my stuff to my car and then I had a 4 hour drive home.  I did drive in rain, and I know everyone is happy if they got some rain. It is as dry in Mississippi as it has been in Arkansas.  I have now gotten almost 2 inches of rain and the cooler temperatures feel great.

It was a fun and educational week, and I always enjoy getting to meet new Master Gardeners and agents, and Lelia and I always have a great time together, but it is good to be home.

I have a program in the morning at Mount Holly cemetary for the last of their garden series for the year. It starts at 9 a.m. on fall gardening. Come join us.

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