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Mount Holly, MGs and a day at home!

October 15, 2016

I awoke to a light misty rain and cool temperatures. I was at Mount Holly cemetery in Little Rock by 8 for the last in their garden series.  We had a nice crowd and lots of questions. I started off with the sexton looking at a couple of trees that are in distress,hypoxylen-canker-oak-mount-holly-161 magnolia-mount-holly-sick-162 and talked gardening until 9:45 a.m. mount-holly-oct-16-1 mount-holly-oct-16-3 mount-holly-oct-16-4 While this series of lectures is put on by the volunteers of Mount Holly, there is also a garden in the cemetery that is a MG project. mount-holly-oct-16-2  I left there and drove to the Pulaski County MG greenhouse where their fall plant sale was going on. I got some panolas, snapdragons and a bit more Swiss chard. pulaski-co-mg-plant-sale-oct-161 pulaski-co-mg-plant-sale-oct-162

Driving home from the sale I passed by a group of Pulaski Co. MGs hard at work at War Memorial. pul-co-war-memorial-project-161 pul-co-war-memorial-project-162 Everywhere you look, it seems the Arkansas Master Gardeners are there!

I made it home and regrouped, and started on home errands–supplies, groceries, etc.  I did do a little gardening, but it got pretty darn warm today.  I still have loads of peppers and eggplants, with the okra slowing down. veg-harvest-oct-15-16The fall planted transplants I planted the last two weeks are doing great. vegetables-fall-oct15-16-2 vegetables-fall-oct15-16-3They were small transplants and with the warm weather I wasn’t sure how they would do, but they are coming on strong!

I also got to harvest my first pineapple guava fruits and some of the late-setting figs are ripening. I picked a few and ate a couple and have one saved. More will be ripe tomorrow. They are so good!

fig-and-pineapple-guava-fruits-oct15-16 fig-oct-15-161 They aren’t big, but I really wondered if they would ripen before a frost.

The basil is huge and the pineapple sages is beginning to be covered in blooms. basil-oct16 pineapple-sage-oct15-162 I also love the harlequin bush or Cleredendron. I just wish it weren’t so invasive.  It has such sweet-smelling blooms early and now the seed pods are impressive. cleredendron-oct15-16-1 cleredendron-oct15-16-2  My tea camellia – Camellia sinensis is loaded with flower buds which should open soon.  I still haven’t made any tea from it, but I have great plans for this year! camellia-sinensis-oct-15-162 camellia-sinensis-oct-15-161 and I love the blooms on the toad lilies. They are absolutely swarming with bees.  I got tired of pulling them up this summer as they continued to spread, so I just used my weed-eater on them. The cut plants are covered in blooms and I think I like them much better than the taller, untouched plants. I may weed-eat the entire group next year. toad-lily-oct15-161 toad-lily-oct15-162  It is nice to have a day at home to get some stuff done.


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