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Home and a day of leisure!

October 18, 2016

We were down off the mountain before the sun rose, since half had to be back at work this morning. I took the day off and caught up on email and did finish a couple of PowerPoints.  The recent rains should help our fall color, but cooler temperatures would sure be nice.  The leaves are beginning to turn. We saw some hickories that were turning golden hickory-fall-color-16 and in the distance you can see shades of color.  mt-nebo-oct16-4  The Eastern red cedar trees are loaded with berries.  eastern-red-cedars-mtnebo-162 eastern-red-cedars-mtnebo-163 The overcast skies today kept the temperature from getting to the predicted 89 and I only got up to 83.  Really cool temperatures and rain are predicted for Thursday and I am ready!

My Camellia sinensis (the one you get tea from) is blooming and loaded with buds. camellia-sinensis-blooms-oct18-161 camellia-sinensis-blooms-oct18-162 One of these days I am going to experiment with making my own green tea from it. I also harvested more figs today and my lettuce is coming on strong. It is ready for picking too. vegetables-fall-oct15-16-1

October is also pumpkin month and look at the pumpkins that MG Debbie has grown on her place in Greers Ferry!pumpkin-vines-deb pumpkins-deb-oct16 pumpkins-with-debbie-oct16Some have even grown up into the trees! pumpkin-vine-in-tree-dm-16 Impressive.

Tomorrow morning I head to Garvan Gardens to tape the last TV spots of the year.

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