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A beautiful fall at Garvan, and meetings

October 19, 2016

I was at Garvan Gardens by 9 this morning to shoot the last of our TV segments for the year.  Garvan Gardens looks the best it has in a while. It is a sea of fall color!  They have over 5,000 mums in all stages and the color is glorious. mums-garvan-oct-16-1 mums-garvan-oct-16-2 mums-garvan-oct-16-9 But mums aren’t the only thing going.  They have a nice collection of salvias in all sizes and colors and today they were all in peak bloom and alive with bees and butterflies.  pineapple-sage-garvan-oct-16-3 salvia-garvan-oct-16-1 salvia-garvan-oct-16-2 salvia-garvan-oct-16-4 salvia-garvan-oct-16-6 While they are planting the pansies, violas and snapdragons annuals-snapdragaons-oct-16for winter color, some of the summer annuals like these sunpatiens are still going strong. sunpatiens-oct-16-1 sunpatiens-oct-16-2 Add to this, the camelliascamellia-nov-7-14-1 are beginning to put on their show and there are roses, and ginger blooming too. ginger-garvan-oct16-1 ginger-garvan-oct16-2  To put the icing on the cake are the showy fall displays of pumpkins, corn and hay bales scattered throughout the gardens. pumpkins-garvan-oct-16-2 pumpkins-garvan-oct-16-3 pumpkins-garvan-oct-16-4

It was a tad too warm for October 19, but a beautiful day in the gardens!  You need to go visit.  I will have to admit, that although I think power tools are the expeditious way to clean up leaves and trim and edge gardens, I now understand why the gardens in Cornwall/Wales did without these modern devices. I think you go to a garden to enjoy nature and walk and enjoy the sounds of nature, but the glaring noise from a power blower/weedeater/garden tractor can take away from the enjoyment or totally eradicate any nature sounds.  Food for thought!

After taping our shows it was back to the office for some catch-up, a meeting concerning on-line registrationtech-meeting-oct-16 before an early meeting on the state conference special events.  It has been a full, but enjoyable day.

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