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A beautiful Sunday

October 23, 2016

It was a full day at home and a nice one.  I had errands to run and mundane household tasks to accomplish, but I also had a small dinner party for a friend’s birthday.  Happy Birthday Lynne.lynnes-birthday-16-1 lynnes-birthday-16-2 

I have found a new way to cook okra that we liked. Roast it at 450 degrees.  I have a wealth of okra, and didn’t want to fry it, so the larger pods I cut into halves or quarters depending on size, and the smaller ones I roasted whole. I tossed them in olive oil and Cajun seasoning and they were delicious and not slimy! roasted-okra-16

I did have a little time to spend in the garden.  The bees and butterflies were quite active. I saw some of those monarchs we were talking about on Friday. milkweed-and-monarch

I also saw some of the aphids that love the butterfly weed too! aphids-on-milkweed-aug28-15-1

It did get a bit warmer than I had hoped–76 but somehow it felt warmer in the sun; but still better than last week.  I should have moved the plants inside that I plan to overwinter, but somehow that didn’t happen.  Maybe tomorrow!  Too much to do with too little time.

Here is an idea I got yesterday in Union County. Mix up the concrete/peat moss, (whatever mix you use) and pour it into one of the cheap plastic pumpkins.  Grease the inside, and you can leave it hollow to plant in, or fill it full and make a top with a railroad spike for a stem.  Once dry peel off the plastic and you have permanent Halloween yard art. concrete-pumpkins-1 concrete-pumpkins-2  Clever!


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