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October 26, 2016

It was a cool morning and the fog was heavy in low-lying areas as I left town. I drove through some fog before I got to Arkadelphia, foggy-morning-oct-1and then things cleared up and it was smooth sailing.  I was in Texarkana to do the first of a 3 day horticulture seminar.  They had a nice crowd and the Miller County Master Gardeners had a well-oiled machine.  They had door prizes, and fed us a fabulous lunch.  They are trying to showcase their program to the public to recruit new members.  I spoke most of the day so I was getting dry by the end of the day.  miller-county-workshop-oct-16-1 miller-county-workshop-oct-16-2 miller-county-workshop-oct-16-3  I thought it would be an easy drive home, but I forgot about the construction and did not take the detour, so I sat on the interstate for 30 minutes the first go-round and 15 the second, so I was a bit delayed getting home.  But I got home by 6:30.  I did have to water the plants on the deck, but since it was dark, the night-blooming jasmine was Soooo fragrant. What a wonderful plant – Cestrum nocturnum.night-blooming-jasmine-sept-161 night-blooming-jasmine-oct-16-1

While not a true jasmine, it has a jasmine-like fragrance that permeates the air.  It opens at dusk and stays open until sunrise.

Since I had ample time to see the sides of the highway today, I saw a lot of different colored marigolds dotting the roadside between Mandeville and the next few exits, not far from Texarkana. Not sure if someone intentionally planted the seeds, or if they are volunteer.  Right now the marigolds are a nice addition to fall color. fall-16 marigolds-fall-16

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