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From 4-H Fall Fest to another Halloween Party!

October 29, 2016

It was a beautiful day for outside events, at least if you did them early enough in the day! It is way too warm for the end of October, but it was a gorgeous day.  The drive to the 4-H Center this morning for the first 4-H Fall Fest was one of the prettiest drives I have taken so far this fall. The trees had the beginning of some great color. fall-color-oct-16-2 red-maples-16 The 4-H Center was hopping with activities today from face-painting to MG’s helping decorate pumpkins, to canoe rides and fishing. 4-h-fall-fest-16-1 4-h-fall-fest-16-2 4-h-fall-fest-16-4 4-h-fall-fest-16-8 4-h-fall-fest-16-10 4-h-fall-fest-16-15 4-h-fall-fest-16-19 4-h-fall-fest-16-20  The MG’s were not only helping them decorate pumpkins, but teaching about how they grow and sharing seeds to plant their own next year. 4-h-fall-fest-16-17 4-h-fall-fest-16-18Shooting sports, fall gardening, a silent auction and a chili lunch were also on-going.
I was visiting with  Beth during lunch and she mentioned that early voting was on-going on Saturday. I thought it would be a great idea (it wasn’t) to vote on my way home. I stopped at the McMath library on John Barrow and thought it would be an in-and-out thing. Not so! It took about 20 minutes waiting for a parking spot, then another 1 1/2 hour to stand in line to vote, but I have officially voted. I was pleased to see so many young folks in line, for some this was their first time voting. fall-color-oct-16-3

I made it home in time to work on some Powerpoint and then get dressed for another costume party tonight at Chris Olsen’s new home. It is huge compared to his last house, and tonight was a housewarming, Halloween and Chris’s 50th Birthday rolled into one.  It was definitely a party with some of the best costumes I have seen in a long time.  The house is amazing too.  There was great food, a wonderful DJ and we got to dance!  chris-olsens-halloween-party-16-11 chris-olsens-halloween-party-16-1 chris-olsens-halloween-party-16-6chris-olsens-halloween-party-16-19chris-olsens-halloween-party-16-21chris-olsens-halloween-party-16-23chris-olsens-halloween-party-16-26chris-olsens-halloween-party-16-28chris-olsens-halloween-party-16-31chris-olsens-halloween-party-16-36chris-olsens-halloween-party-16-38chris-olsens-halloween-party-16-7chris-olsens-halloween-party-16-10chris-olsens-halloween-party-16-39chris-olsens-halloween-party-16-50chris-olsens-halloween-party-16-8chris-olsens-halloween-party-16-30

If I were judging, I would have to say “Prince” and “Purple Rain” would take the cake! chris-olsens-halloween-party-16-47

It has been a great day! Now I just need to see the house in the daylight!  He has done amazing things to this place in the short time he has had it!

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