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The road to Texas

October 31, 2016

It was a hurried morning trying to get everything done before I started driving to Texas, but as always I read my emails. One of the inspirational emails I get every Monday morning is from John O’Leary. Sometimes I think they are quite profound. I thought his cmments today were quite good–here is an excerpt: “Remember, you are what you do, not what you’ll say you’ll do. So as you race through your days at work and your routines in life, choose to interact, to create, to serve, and to live so passionately that you, too, are proud to put your name on it.” 

I think our Master Gardeners do just that, and we all should strive to do that. 

Someone who has done that is our MG County Agent of the year Allen Bates who we honored at the state conference in June. But here is a great story on him that was in the tri-lakes edition.

Master Gardeners were also in the news in Saline County. This is a great read:

I finally loaded up and headed south. It was an easy drive and I actually made it through downtown Dallas in a flash! Record time,so I consider myself blessed. It is just as hot and dry down here in Arlington than it is at home. The summer annuals are thriving and look at this gorgeous bougainvillea. I have never seen one so upright and full. 

I am staying with my sister tonight before registering tomorrow. As the sun was setting it made a nice Halloween glow over the house. 

Even though it feels like summer, Happy Halloween! 

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