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Souther Region Conference and a tasty end

November 2, 2016

For two night in a row I have had late nights and so did not blog last night. For the record Ft. Worth traffic is awful! So much construction and my gps did not have a clue about which lanes to drive in. More on that later.

Yesterday we got registered for the conference, and had the opportunity to shop the marketplace. 

People were trickling in all day, and I did get to see many Arkansas MGs. 

Last night I braved driving to go have dinner with my old college roommate. I was on and off the interstate trying to make heads or tails out of the construction, when I finally bailed and took back roads and side streets. 

We had a great meal and a good dinner then I had to fight the traffic to get back. What should have taken 35-40 minutes took 1 1/2 hours. By the time I got to my room i was too frazzled to blog. 

Today we had a welcome by the extension director and a talk on the life of a tree. I was then part of a panel discussion on programmatic topics with Miss. and Georgia state coordinators. There was then time to eat lunch, shop the marketplace which was much more crowded, and peruse the silent auction. 

After lunch I did two concurrent sessions with a great audience and lots of questions. I had a little time to freshen up beforeheading to dinner with my sister and husband and their friends. It is almost like a pop-up restaurant. They only open a couple of times per month with a fixed menu. The food was unusual but amazingly good,even the fried crickets! 

The one on the right has crickets, the other does not.  This was a bonus course. Each course is small but oh so tasty, and by the end of the meal you are full. Really fun experience,but another late night. 

It is nice to be able to have the opportunity to see family and friends, plus work!

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