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Southern Region Conference continued

November 3, 2016

Today was another full day of education with our Southern Region MG conference.  Our morning keynote speakers were on the Junior Master Gardener conference and the impact it is making on the youth of our country. An interesting question was asked of who was the person who influenced you on gardening?  I would say 80% of the hands that went up were either parents or grandparents. sr-conference-1 sr-conference-2 The correlation was made that many of the kids today don’t have the network of grandparents that we had, and Master Gardeners could be the ones who are the impetus to lead children into a lifelong love of gardening.  We also heard Texas guru Neil Sperry speak.  After lunch more breakout sessions and tours.  I did one talk today instead of the 3 yesterday, so it was an easier day.  I also got to visit with so many MG’s from around the south, as well as with my counterparts from other states.  It is the networking and sharing that is so important as well as the educational sessions.  In between sessions and lunch, we rallied the Arkansas contingent for a group photo op.  I had my friend and coordinator from Alabama lined up to take the photos.  I have the photos I took of the day, but the 3 group shots she thought she took are non-existent on my card, so I have no idea what happened. sr-conference-3  I will see if we can get folks together tomorrow, but that may be hard to do. I leave on a tour very soon after the last morning session!  I get back at 4 and will start the drive home. I think it will be interesting making it through downtown Dallas right at rush hour on a Friday. Send positive thoughts my way!

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