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Home sweet home!

November 5, 2016

I made it home in pretty good time last night, in spite of rush hour in Dallas. I was home before 10 p.m., so I was happy.   I did get a good nights sleep in my own bed for a change, and got up this morning ready to hit it.  I caught up on email, watered plants on the deck and unloaded my car. I started taking down the Halloween decorations, and then left for brunch with a friend. I came home and finished taking down Halloween and putting up Thanksgiving–I don’t have near as much Thanksgiving as I do Halloween, but it looks good. I was able to recycle some of the flowers and rose hips from my lovely Halloween flower arrangement and they are now headlining my November. fall-arrangement-nov-16

Even though my daughter had been watering and my sprinkler system has been running, my yard was pretty dry. I watered, cut back some perennials, and moved some houseplants inside. I also too some cuttings of some of these amazing tropical plants, hoping to have a rooted plant by next spring.  I have been overly impressed with my tropical hibiscus, but I am not moving them inside–I hope to find amazing plants again next year.  While we say how well they thrive in heat, they are stunning right now, and it is pretty cool. The individual flowers are lasting longer than a day and the color is much more intense. hibiscus-linda-16 hibiscus-tropical-nov-16-2 hibiscus-tropical-nov-16-3 hibiscus-tropical-nov-16-4

The tropical jatropha is still blooming well and setting seeds, not that I will probably use them. jatropha-nov-5-16-1 jatropha-nov-5-16-2

I am getting loads of peppers, okra and I have quite a few eggplants coming on.  Surprisingly enough I harvested another 20 or more tomatillos. tomatillos-nov5-162Now I am looking for recipes.  I think I found one for tomorrow night. I will let you know how it turns out.  The bok choy, Chinese cabbage, lettuce and kale are coming on strong and look great! vegetables-nov-5-16-1 vegetables-nov-5-16-4  I did renovate some of the herbs. I pulled up two of the basil plants (I have tons) and will dry the leaves for winter use. I replanted cilantro and parsley.  cilantro-and-parlsey-planted-nov-15-16  The purple mustard is doing amazing purple-mustard-nov5-16and I have a few more Swiss chard plants to plant.

My roses are rebounding and blooming again. I have loads of buds and blooms on the pink drift and a new peach rose seedling that I received recently had the most gorgeous and fragrant bloom. rose-drift-nov-5-16 rose-nov-5-16-1

I need to get it planted in the ground soon.  My camellias have begun to bloom and will do so for at least a couple of months now. More folks should be planting these sasanquas,  camellia-sasanqua-nov-5-162  and many of you have been planting loropetalums. I hope yours are blooming as nicely as mine right now.loropetalum-nov5-162  The hellebores are beginning to kick in with new growth. I also have a lot of new seedlings that are coming on strong. I need to move some of them, since I have some areas that could use the winter color. hellebores-nov5-16-3 hellebores-nov5-16-4

There is a lot of work to do in the garden, but too little time!  It was a gorgeous day outside with really cool temperatures, perfect for yard work, but I had housework and laundry to do too!

I do have to correct an error in my post yesterday. I was doing it on the bus, and got too fast. I meant to say that the daughter of the creators of Clark gardens is now the director.  She was a fantastic ambassador for the garden and it was lovely.   clark-garden-director-tx-16-07  clark-garden-tx-16-10

Yesterday was also Arbor Day in Texas.  Maybe Arkansas should take a hint from Texas and move ours to fall. A much better time to plant trees than in March. bald-cypress-clark-t-16-1 clark-garden-tx-16-30

A few weeks ago we went to Mt. Nebo where I bonded with the deer that graced our cabin each morning.  We had to leave at the crack of dawn the last morning, so they didn’t get to see me! I recently got a letter they had sent.  Seemed they missed me as much as I missed them!bambi-letter-16  I am sure I would not be as fond of them if they were actually in my own yard and garden, but thankfully they are not, so I can enjoy them sporadically when I am in their territory.

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