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Wrap up and prep

November 15, 2016

This morning it was a gorgeous morning at the Arkansas 4-H Center.  While the fall color has not been overwhelming this year, there are some pretty trees.  The bright sun, the cool crisp air which led to a nice mist over the lake led to a pretty morning view. ark-4-h-center-county-76-nov-16-15 ark-4-h-center-county-76-nov-16-16

After breakfast, we found some unique treats.  Both Jane and Linda treated the board with gifts. county-76-nov-16-16 county-76-nov-16-17  Then we worked hard to finalize the schedule for 2017, but also booked quite a few dates for 2018. We will share them soon.  It is always best to give people advanced time to plan for events. county-76-nov-16-18 county-76-nov-16-19

We have a hard-working group of volunteers.  Here is your executive board for 2017: county-76-nov-16-1  They are almost overshadowed by the spectacular October Glory red maple. img_8482 img_8483

We got loaded up after lunch and I had time to go collect items for our holiday workshop on Thursday before making it home tonight.  Tomorrow I will have a rare day in the office.

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