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A Walk Down Memory Lane with Family

November 19, 2016

What a wonderful day! We had a great family reunion spending time seeing the sights of St. Louis, eating at favorite haunts and visiting family landmarks. We started off this morning at the History Museum in Forest Park.

They had exhibits on toys and Route 66, both which were well done and evoked many memories. At one point either we or our children owned these toys.

We learned a lot about Route 66.

The first McDonalds in St. Louis opened the year I was born, and our favorite White Castle was the first fast food restaurant. 

After seeing the Worlds Fair exhibit and model railroads we were met by a stretch limo for a tour of the city. We were traveling in style! 

We went by the Jewel Box, the Korean monument, the boat house, art hill, the city museum, the Arch, the new baseball stadium

We had lunch at Gus’Pretzels with dessert at Ted Drewes frozen custard.

It was a beautiful but cold day with a biting wind. We did see some great fall color.

Tonight we met up at my cousins to eat more St. Louis foods-Imos Pizza, white Castle hamburgers and toasted ravioli headlining the meal. 

We had a great time reminiscing, taking pictures, looking at pictures and laughing. We missed our kids who were not able to join us and our parents and grandparents that are no longer with us, but I think they were with us in spirit and in all the wonderful memories they gave us. 

YOLO! Living large with family! What a great weekend and thank you Susan! 

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