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November 21, 2016

We left for home bright and early yesterday morning from St. Louis. It was cold when we left but the sun was shining and it warmed up as we drove home. We actually did see some pretty fall color.  The sweetgum trees were still loaded with leaves and putting on a show along with the sumac and unfortunately pear seedlings and trees. fall-drive-nov-16-1 fall-drive-nov-16-3Not as spectacular as years past, but it was still pretty in the sunlight.  We were happy to be back in Arkansas and since we left early and it was a Sunday there was little traffic. arkansas We were home by 1 p.m. and had time to get laundry done, the Thanksgiving groceries purchased to avoid the madhouse at the store this week, and we had the first fire of the season! fire-nov-16 I do love a fire. We also turned on the heater for the first time before we went to bed–the contrast between fire-heated living room and no-heat in the bedroom made the decision easy.

Today was cool in the morning but it was back up to 66 this afternoon and was quite pretty. It is still dry even with the little rain we got on Friday.  I could use more rain and we do have some in the forecast for the week.  I have seen way too many wilted or dying plants in my neighborhood.  Many people think once it cools off watering isn’t needed–not true! My sprinkler system is still running.  A friend thought she had to turn hers off when it got to 32 the other night.   It is the hard freezes with low temperatures that can cause problems with systems that have water in them above ground or at the soil line. Rarely does it freeze very deep in the ground in the south.

Today I did have time in the office and we also celebrated Holly’s birthday. I left the camera card out of the camera at home so didn’t get the pictures I thought I did of the petit fours and birthday cupcake I got her.  They were so cute with the best decorations, but oh well.  We will go out to a birthday dinner next week. Happy Birthday Holly!  We are so glad you are back with us and fully recovered!  holly-and-emily-oct-16

Today Miss Petals also got spayed.  This playful, hyper puppy is a bit lethargic tonight, but this too will pass. petals-spayed-nov-16-2

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  1. Hilde Simmons permalink
    November 21, 2016 5:32 pm

    Happy Birthday to Holly. I would have wished it in person had I known when I talked to her today.

    And speedy recover to Petals.

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