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Happy Thanksgiving!

November 24, 2016

We all have so much to be thankful for, but spending time with family is what this holiday is about.  We are blessed to have Clay’s side of the family in Arkansas since mine is now all out-of-state with the exception of our immediate family and I am lucky to have my children close by and close in heart.   We had a great time today visiting with family and sharing a meal.  Thanksgiving food is pretty easy to cook and  with all the prep work on Tuesday, today was a breeze.

thanksgiving-2016-2 thanksgiving-2016-3 thanksgiving-2016-5 thanksgiving-2016-15 thanksgiving-2016-17

Yesterday I went with some friends to Randy Forst’s moms funeral in Paris, Arkansas.  It was a very nice service with some family humor by Randy.  I can’t imagine cooking for 11 children and now all their extended families. I am happy they have each other to rely on during this sad time in their lives.  They all cook and help out, so I am sure they had a huge meal today.  Our meal today at 17 seems pretty small by comparison.

thanksgiving-2016-11 thanksgiving-2016-12 thanksgiving-2016-13 thanksgiving-2016-16

I accidentally cooked the turkey upside down (breast side down) one year by mistake, but we liked how juicy the white meat was, so I now do it intentionally.  The bird is not a showpiece to be carved at the table cooked this way, but the meat is so tender. thanksgiving-2016-14

It was early evening before I had all the dishes put up and the house back in order, and then we started on the next season–CHRISTMAS came down from the attic,img_8677 and the process begins. img_8679  It is my favorite time of year!

The dogs were having a huge time today and have eaten their weight in Thanksgiving too.  They were never far from where the action was.dogs-thanksgiving-16-2 dogs-thanksgiving-16-6

I think everyone will sleep well and well fed tonight!  Petals did well with a houseful of people and got over the first bit of nerves when they all arrived, and she enjoyed the day–and really liked the food.

I hope you all were able to spend time with your family and friends today and that your day was as enjoyable as mine.  Happy Thanksgiving!thanksgiving-2016-4

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