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Rain and a weekend at home

December 3, 2016

We awoke yesterday morning in Ft. Smith to a beautiful sunrise.ft-smith-convention-center-16-4 sunrise-ft-smith-16-3

We drove around the downtown area to look at some potential sites for our conference before heading out of town.  They are putting in a lot of murals and “art” all around town.  This arrow exhibit is representative of the Native American influences in the community. arrows-ft-smith-1  We had to stop in Russellville to load up our poinsettias at the Arkansas Tech greenhouses. poinsettias-at-dec-16-2and did a conference call on the way home as well.   We had a car full of stuff before we finally got back to the office mid-afternoon.  My daughter and her boyfriend got the leaves out of the yard and the outside decorations up, so we are set but we don’t have house lights this year. Not sure about that.

The temperature began to drop already last night and rain added to the mix for a cold day today. So far I have had .60 inches and more is predicted.  It is pretty brisk outside.

Today was day 2 of the 3 day Arkansas Crafters Guild at the Statehouse Convention Center.  ark-crafters-guild-16 statehouse-convention-center-16-1  I always like to do this event and the Arkansas Art Center Student sale, but I missed that one because I was out-of-town. I did get a few Christmas presents.  Then we had a lovely lunch at the Capital Hotel before heading home. lunch-capital-hotel-16 They have a fixed price tasting lunch each day, and it was quite good with small portions of multiple things.

More packages keep arriving daily from my on-line black Friday shopping, and it is fun to open up and see what is inside. From one company I had them all gift-wrapped so that was an added bonus, but I got one extra package.  It was addressed to me but there was no packing slip with items inside.  None of the items were gift-wrapped nor anything I had ordered.  I thought maybe they were sending me a gift for being such a good customer!  I called and told them of their error and they sent the FedEx guy to pick them up. Just think, if they were gift-wrapped we might have had some unusual items under the tree. I am quite getting into this online ordering!  No crowds, no parking, great fun!

Tonight after dinner with friends we stopped by our son’s place. He has been in the midst of a huge remodeling job–wall knocked down, repainting, and today was flooring. Clay helped him most of the day.  kyle-remodel-dec-16-4 He has great friends who are talented, and he is learning a lot too. They have furniture moved in, but lots of cleaning left to do and a few finishing touches, but my what a difference. kyle-remodel-dec-16-5  kyle-remodel-dec-16-1He likes color as much as his mother!

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