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Winter is coming!

December 7, 2016

The National Weather Service is predicting some of the coldest temperatures we have had in a while Thursday and Friday night.  The predicted low is 21 -23 degrees.  That is COLD! We can only hope for overcast nights with a brisk wind to keep the heavy frost to a minimum.  I did go out late this afternoon and harvest the remaining lettuce.  lettuce-dec7-16  Lettuce is not as cold-tolerant as other winter vegetables, but even the cold tolerant ones  usually won’t go without damage below 26-28 degrees  and they are predicting 21, so  I covered most of them with either old pots, row covers or modified tunnels. winter-plant-protection-dec-16-1 winter-plant-protection-dec-16-2 winter-plant-protection-dec-16-3  It is not a pretty site but I hope to have living plants after the cold snap.

As I was out in the yard protecting plants I realized I had maligned my other Japanese maple yesterday. It is not flamboyant, but it is still  pretty. jap-maple-dec7-1 jap-maple-dec7-2 jap-maple-dec7-5

It sure felt cold all day today but more is coming! I also moved quite a few plants behind the shrubs adjacent to the house. Hopefully this will be enough of a buffer to keep them alive during the cold weather.  I had to take a picture to say goodbye to those summer annuals that won’t be with us past tomorrow. holidays-16 impatiens-dec7-16 periwinkle-dec7-16

Take stock of your garden and anything that you think may stand a chance with a little bit of help, do so in the morning, because “baby it is cold outside” and it is going to get colder!

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  1. Julie Treat permalink
    December 8, 2016 10:15 am

    Winter is HERE in a BIG way.

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