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Clean up and Chris Olsen’s Open House

December 10, 2016

It was a late night last night, so it was a bit of a slow start today, but I had the house back in shape (except for the floors which show the traffic) by noon.  I had the linens washed and back on the tables, dishes cleaned and put up and all the trash and recycling out so it was back to normal.  I met up with Randy and Lynne to head to lunch and then the open house for Chris Olsen’s Vintage Christmas.  Chris recently remodeled this historic home in Park Hill and the first event was his now historic Halloween party. chris-olsen-homedec-16-2  Today he opened his house to ticket buyers to let the public come in and see the home and how he has decorated for the holidays.  The open house was from 2-4 and there were a lot of Master Gardeners from around the state along with other interested folks to see the house for themselves. chris-olsen-homedec-16-6 chris-olsen-homedec-16-7  It was interesting to see the house in the daylight.  His decorations were not as over-the-top as he had in the old house, but were tastefully scattered throughout the house. I think one quick pointer is that you can spruce up any room with just some scattered ornaments. chris-olsen-homedec-16-15 chris-olsen-homedec-16-18 chris-olsen-homedec-16-20  There were also plenty of plants to grace the decorations along with a beautiful tree and vintage holiday decor. chris-olsen-homedec-16-4 chris-olsen-homedec-16-5 chris-olsen-homedec-16-9 chris-olsen-homedec-16-12 chris-olsen-homedec-16-19  He has really decorated the house well.  And since it is Chris we are talking about, there has to be some whimsy chris-olsen-homedec-16-17and mix of styles with traditional and modern.chris-olsen-homedec-16-10

In addition to getting to tour the house, they also served light refreshments.  chris-olsen-homedec-16-13

While it is Chris’ home it is also available for rentals and events, so this is his way of showcasing it. I think everyone was very impressed.

Most of he efforts since getting the house were restoring it and then decorating it.  The yard is small in the back, but it is a corner lot which right now is mainly lawn with some nice plantings up close. I am sure more will follow. chris-olsen-homedec-16-3 chris-olsen-homedec-16-23 He does have some nice herbs around the corner and I love the use of the mixed thyme and sedums to soften the stepping-stones.  rosemary-co-edgemont thyme-stepping-stones-2

Today was warmer than yesterday but it was still pretty nippy. It looks like it is going to warm up a bit this week, but  in looking ahead it appears we are headed back into the deep freeze next weekend as well.  Winter is officially here even if the date doesn’t say so.

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