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Holiday Entertaining and First Hard Frost

December 10, 2016

Last year we had our first killing frost in my yard January 7, 2016, and this year our first killing frost was Dec. 9.  It got to 23 in my yard this morning and it zapped a lot of plants.  basil-before-and-after-16-1 basil-before-and-after-16-2

I was running some errands today and I saw where one sprinkler system got frozen and was spouting water. sprinkler-blitz-16

Do check your systems to make sure  you don’t have any problems.

I had the past two days off to get ready for our annual holiday party.  Entertaining is as much a hobby for me as gardening, reading and cooking. I love to have people over.  I got all my food cooked yesterday and just reheated it this afternoon. It makes for a pretty easy day. pork-sous-vide-16-1  Petals was worn out watching. dogs-dec-16-2

It was a big crowd today but it seemed much more crowded than last year since last year it was 60 degrees or more and everyone was outside on the deck. No one even wore a coat last year and this year both beds were covered in coats.  holiday-party-16-1 holiday-party-16-5 holiday-party-16-6 holiday-party-16-7 holiday-party-16-8 holiday-party-16-13holiday-party-16-19holiday-party-16-20

In addition to our regulars, we got some guests from Mississippi and Kentucky.  Martha Ray’s sister and friend fit right in. holiday-party-16-18

I take a few pictures at the beginning and again at the end. In the middle it is a bit of chaos and nothing but putting out food and drink happens. It was a fun night with a bunch of hungry folks!  I think this is what the holidays are about–visiting and sharing, eating and having fun.

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  1. December 10, 2016 5:26 am

    I think Petals may need a bigger bed so! Looks like you all have a wonderful time making many memories to cherish. Merry Christmas !

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