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Moss Mountain Christmas

December 11, 2016

It was a misty, gloomy day all day but it never rained hard and it did warm up a bit–up to 59 late this afternoon at my house.  It felt balmy!  The forecast doesn’t show much warm-up throughout the week.  This afternoon was P. Allen Smith’s annual Christmas open house at Moss Mountain. moss-mountain-christmas-16-25This year I took County 76 outgoing president Jane and incoming president Linda with me. moss-mountain-christmas-16-16 moss-mountain-christmas-16-19 It was too nippy to walk the gardens, but we had a nice time looking at his holiday decor, seeing the housemoss-mountain-christmas-16-5 moss-mountain-christmas-16-7 moss-mountain-christmas-16-11 moss-mountain-christmas-16-14 and visiting with acquaintances and making new ones.  moss-mountain-christmas-16-13There were also some tasty treats. moss-mountain-christmas-16-12

On our way out we did stop in at the holiday decorated house outdoors. moss-mountain-christmas-16-24  The re-purposed pumpkins gave us some good ideas.moss-mountain-christmas-16-26 What do you think of an orange version?!   Allen is always a gracious host and we enjoy seeing what is different each time we go. moss-mountain-christmas-16-1 moss-mountain-christmas-16-4 moss-mountain-christmas-16-10


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