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Time to catch up

December 12, 2016

Most of this week will be spent in the office. It is that time of year when folks are wrapping up their year, taking stock and working on reports. I had a very productive day and I have nailed down the A to P events for 2017.  annuals to perennials We have 4 dates picked for August 2017.  We will start in Fayetteville on Friday, August 18, Saturday, August 19 in Batesville, Sunday in Little Rock and Monday in Hope.  This event is for all new trainees from July 2016 through July 2017 and their mentors.  If you have upcoming trainings, plan to assign everyone a mentor so they can come. I have locked Bob Byers as our other speaker.  Should be a great event.

I also got columns written and I spent way too much time getting my visas in order for Vietnam and Cambodia.  We leave January 20 for Vietnam and I had to get the paper work done.  For those of you who are going, print it out and take your time. I downloaded the PDF documents and they were fillable via the computer. You have to mail in your passports so get it done soon so they are back in time.passpport I made copies of everything I did,  but I also made several copies of our passports. Some to leave home with family members and others to have just in case. In all the trips I have made this is the most intense visa application I have done.  I have never had to mail my passport before but the folks on the other end of the phone line through our ship were quite helpful and assured me I had plenty of time.  I had just put it off thinking it was like other trips, and it is not.  You also need an additional passport photo, but I am just taking a head shot via my phone and uploading it. It costs an extra $5 but I think it is worth it. If you have problems, call me.

I also got some photos today of how Pulaski County honored their 25 year member Mary Evans. patti-and-mary2 patti-womble-and-mary-evans-16 Congratulations Mary.

I think we need to be sure to look for opportunities to celebrate milestones with our members and 25 is a big one!  YOLO Mary.



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