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Zoom, planning, thanking and YOLO!

December 14, 2016

Today was the first zoom session with a select group of county agents to talk about options for on-line training.  It was a productive meeting with a lot of good ideas.  zoom-session-dec-16-1 zoom-session-dec-16-2 I took it a step further and had a meeting with our online teaching coordinator and have another meeting set for Monday to do some more legwork. Hopefully we can do some zoom and on-line trainings by fall of 2017.  Stay tuned.  It won’t happen overnight, but we are hard at work trying to make it happen.

I had more forms to fill out for Vietnam today and hopefully have it all done and will be all set for January when we leave.

In everyone’s life there are people who come in who have made such a difference. I have three volunteers that stepped up this year when they knew that we were going to be in the lurch with Julie and Holly having to be off some for baby and health reasons.  They weren’t asked, they offered!  They stepped in and did way more than expected and were always willing and able to do more.  I could not have functioned as seamlessly as we did without them.  Tonight I took them to dinner to thank them for what they did. They don’t ask for thanks nor really want it, but I owe them a huge debt of gratitude and this was the least I could do. dinner-dec14-16-2 Thank you Linda, Jane and Glenda!  Not only have you gone above and beyond, but you keep giving.  I thank you!  We had an excellent meal but even better fellowship.

When I got home, Clay had a copy of my second book, hot off the press. book-2-debut-16 It has been a bit delayed from what was expected, but it is out and ready to go.  This one is a hardback book and features tips on growing edibles, not ornamentals.   What a nice early gift!

Speaking of gifts, look what Linda found for me: yolo-16-1! YOLO!  I adore it and hope to continue living with this as my guide.

It is easy to see by gifts I have received that folks know where my interests lie: dog-towels-16-1 gift-16

Dogs, singing, gardening—YOLO!

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  1. Sandra bradberry permalink
    December 15, 2016 5:01 am

    Will you be able to buy. The book before Christmas?

    • uamg permalink
      December 15, 2016 2:03 pm

      The book is available at Wordsworth Books in the Heights or via the Democrat-Gazette. You can call CJ (501) 399-3684 The books are $19.95+tax ($21.65).

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