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What is with the weather?

December 15, 2016

It seems like all anyone can talk about these days is the weather.  It is colder than normal and if you listen to the forecasters Saturday is going to be close to 70 degrees before it dips into the low 20’s into the possible teens on Sunday.  Nuts! I had uncovered all the vegetables I had protected and everything was looking good. I had a pretty good frost this morning but temperatures were not below 28 so I had no damage. I have recovered the vegetables and will keep them covered through Monday.  winter-protection-dec-15-16-2If it does get as hot as they predict Saturday I may have to vent the one since it is clear plastic. winter-protection-dec-15-16-1

It felt pretty darn cold outside all day today, but they may be backing off a bit on the winter precipitation forecast. I am paying attention which is all one can do.

We have had some downright cold temperatures but I still have foliage and possibly freeze-dried buds on roses, but the foliage on the sweetbay magnolia is still stunning. sweetbay-magnolia-dec-1  I have not had time to get out and clean up the frost-damaged annuals and perennials, but hope to do so this weekend. The dragonwing begonia has taken on and interesting display. begonia-dec-16  The frozen flower buds hanging down like tear drops a the end of each stem is pretty unique.

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