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Preparing, weather, and Christmas tea

December 16, 2016

I had the day off to get ready for Clay’s side of the family Christmas party tomorrow. I also did some shopping and the mall was already crowded.

The weather started off cool, but interestingly enough our high and low today were 41 degrees!  We had a fine misty rain late this afternoon into evening, but no measurable accumulation. I vented the plastic cover on the one vegetable garden and will leave it open through tomorrow afternoon. The prediction as of 10 minutes ago was a high of 70 with a low of 25!  A potential wintry mix has been added back into the forecast late in the day.  Sunday has a predicted low of 16 degrees!  Looking ahead, once we get past Monday, the weather should be much more mild, but a chance of rain is in the forecast from Wednesday through Christmas.  I can recall a year that it poured down on Christmas Eve. We lived in a house with no car port or garage and were coming home from my parents house with a car full of gifts and two toddlers.  We had to go to a bank drive through to get some cover to get the holiday pajamas out so we wouldn’t have to root around in the rain once we got home. We made a mad dash for the house and left everything else in the car until the next day!

This afternoon Katie and I met friends for a Christmas Tea at the Capital Hotel. christmas-tea-16It was decorated lovely with a huge real Christmas tree.  capial-hotel-christmas-tree-16We had an excellent time with fabulous treats.  capital-hotel-tea-16-1 capital-hotel-tea-16-2 capital-hotel-tea-16-3 capital-hotel-tea-16-4My camera card ran out of space so I had to make do with the cell phone camera.  We kind of felt like we were back in Cornwall!capital-hotel-katie-and-lynne-16

I will work a few more days next week and then I am officially off until the new year.  It is a busy and fun time of year.

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  1. chris shook permalink
    December 17, 2016 1:18 pm

    Does Janet Carson have a cookbook?

    • uamg permalink
      December 17, 2016 7:11 pm

      No cookbook, but there are a few recipes in the back of my new book which is on edible gardening.

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