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Weird weather and family Christmas

December 17, 2016

Everyone jokingly says “if you don’t like the weather today, wait for tomorrow”, since we do frequently have changeable weather, but I have never seen anything like today.  When I got up this morning it was warmer outside than inside.  It was humid and balmy and sunny. I thought we were supposed to have rain and storms, but they did not materialize today, but it did get up to 75 degrees in my yard and my house was even hotter. I was cooking a family Christmas meal and the ovens were on and it was quite warm.  We have recently had such low temps and freezing conditions and today we turned on the air conditioner–there was no fire in the fireplace!  We just turned the air conditioner off an hour ago.  We had a house-full of people and with both ovens going, even with the fans it was too much.  And the family who usually freezes at my house did not complain one bit about the air conditioner.

We had a lovely time together. Some couldn’t make it, some could only stay a short while, but several others came whom we haven’t seen in a while so we ended up with 19.  I took a few pictures when I was setting up, but one of the cousins commandeered the camera, which is a good thing or we would not have had many pictures. family-christmas2016-5 family-christmas2016-7 family-christmas2016-8 family-christmas2016-17 family-christmas2016-24 family-christmas2016-25 family-christmas2016-26 family-christmas2016-29 family-christmas2016-43

The dogs did well and Petals only barked a few times.  She is getting there.  It was  a fun time eating, opening presents and just visiting with each other.

After everyone left, I got the house cleaned up, food put up and now even all the dishes are put up.  It is still hot in our house, even though the temperatures are beginning to fall. It is 49 as I type this.  I did open up the vegetable garden this morning, and Clay went back tonight and zipped it back up.  The HIGH tomorrow is only supposed to be 31 with a low in the teens!  Is there any foreboding for winter do you think?

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