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Baby it’s cold outside!

December 18, 2016

Truer words were never written!  Yesterday, the high at my house was 76.8 and the low was 33.4 at midnight.  Today the high was 33.4 (which was at midnight) and so far the low is 25 but it is still dropping–supposedly to 17.  It is cold!  Our saving grace yesterday, if there was one, was that it was windy.  Winds keep the temperatures from getting quite as low as they can get–a cold, clear, still night causes the most plant damage.  Last night, our table umbrella, holiday lighted sleigh and Christmas tree all blew over, not to mention the covering on the vegetable garden that Clay zipped up for me last night. vegetables-dec18-16-2 As I was driving  to church this morning, I saw this from the driveway  I had left the spent peppers and eggplants to help as a stake, but wondered why I could see green.  When I got back home I went and inspected, and things looked ok, but who knows until we get out of the deep-freeze. I recovered and weighed it down with rocks. vegetables-dec18-16-3 vegetables-dec18-16-4

I had bought a few replacement plants that I had kept in the garage to plant when it seemed appropriate, but put I had put them out when it was mild and rainy. I forgot to move them inside yesterday.  When I got back from church they were still frozen, but I was careful and moved them into the garage.  Time will tell how they will respond.  vegetables-dec18-16-1 vegetables-dec18-16-5 vegetables-dec18-16-6

I had hoped to do a little more shopping and possibly clean up the spent annuals and perennials in the garden, but one stop after church helped me decide it was time to go home and stay home. I did some cleaning out and then I made a fire and read. It was lovely.  The perfect day for a roaring fire. fire-dec-18-16-1  The dogs were happy to be inside too. dogs-dec-14-2

For dinner tonight I used up the last harvest of tomatillos, peppers, garlic and onion with some tomatoes to make a sauce for some chicken tacos.  They were divine!tomatillos-dec18-1 tomatillos-dec18-2

Stay warm!  It looks like one more day of the deep freeze, and then a bit easier, but still not warm.

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