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This can’t be Arkansas, and celebrations

December 19, 2016

If we thought yesterday was cold, today was in a league of its own. We were at 15 at my house this morning at 6 a.m. and the high made it up to a whopping 36! It is already down to 26 and it is cold.  We southerners aren’t used to this kind of weather.  If the forecast is to be believed, Christmas Eve is supposed to be a high of 47 with a low of 43 and Christmas day is supposed to get to 65!  We may have to use the air conditioner again, with all the cooking and people!  What a rollercoaster ride we are on already.  I did not get home until well after dark, so cannot inspect anything in the yard. It will be Thursday before I can do that.  I leave for a horticulture department retreat tomorrow at Mt. Magazine for two days.  Interesting timing for such a thing.

Today was my last day in the office until the first of the year and I made it count.  First off I finished a few more columns and my end of the year reports. I also met with the tech people to discuss our options for MG training on-line and I think agents and volunteers will be pleased with what we have planned. web-training-planning I have set up another zoom session with our agent team after the first of the year.

At lunch I went over the warehouse where I treated our support staff to pizza. They always do so much for me, that this was the least I could do to let them know how much I appreciate them and how hard they work, and always with a smile. support-staff-christmas-dec-16-1  We had a great visit and then it was back to the office to get some more work done. I was barely back when Kyleen our CFO came and got me for her going away reception.  She is moving full-time to UALR and teaching, which will let her have more time with her husband who is in Melbourne.  We will miss her and all her financial guidance. kyleen-going-away-dec-16-1 kyleen-going-away-dec-16-3 kyleen-going-away-dec-16-6

Then it was back to the office to finish up as much as I could, making lists of what we need as soon as we are back from the holidays.  It was after closing time when Julie, Holly and I left to have our holiday meal together.  It was somewhat of a comedy of errors finding and losing keys–for once not me–but we had a lovely meal together.  julie-and-holly-xmas-16-2 julie-and-holly-xmas-16-8 julie-and-holly-xmas-16-9

Everyone has been so enamored with my jewelry by Karen Zap, and Julie and Holly were no exception. After dinner I had to take them by her house  so they could do some shopping–which they did.  zap-jewelry-dec-16-1  I think Karen has found a real business here!  Can’t wait to see what else she creates. After getting another set of keys, I then took Holly back to get her car. We had a fun evening, after a jam-packed day and Holly did text me that the keys were found, so all is not lost.

I think it is important that we not just spend time together at work, but having some downtime away from the job helps us connect on a more personal basis, and strengthens our bonds.  I think that is true not just of work colleagues but volunteers as well.  Our job is very much about people and how we connect, so YOLO and Happy Holidays.

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