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A little gardening and the last party before Christmas!

December 23, 2016

The weather has definitely gotten milder the latter part of the week, and I did have a little time to spend in the garden yesterday. I uncovered all the vegetable plants that I had been protecting, and they look pretty amazing. vegetables-dec18-16-4 The ones I did not cover are a bit the worse for wear, but they aren’t dead.  The garden was really dry, so I dragged out the hose and watered the raised beds. I also fertilized all the winter vegetables and the winter annuals in preparation for rain.  We also celebrated Katie’s fiance’s birthday last night. bens-birthday-16-2 bens-birthday-16-3 bens-birthday-16-4  I am amazed how many people I know that have birthdays within two weeks of Christmas both before and after.  I am sure it made for a tough time to have parties as kids, since the focus is so much on Christmas right now!

The forecast was for rain most of today, but thus far we have only had .05 inches so I am glad I watered yesterday. More is promised.  I did a bit more shopping and wrapping.  The traffic is a mess, and I saw more than a few wrecks.  Even though I had the majority of my shopping done early, I somehow never stop until the day arrives. I decided it was time to head home and I spent the day doing home chores, laundry and reading! What a nice change of pace.

Tonight we went to our friends annual Santa party. danderand-party-16-1 danderand-party-16-5Their kids are now of the age that they and their friends are having kids, and each year there seem to be more and more children. Tonight was the most ever and I think the oldest child was 4 with at least 20 from newborn to 4 and more on the way.  A bit of sensory overload for those of us without grandchildren yet. danderand-party-16-7 danderand-party-16-18 danderand-party-16-19

The house both inside and out were decked out, including the greenhouse, which was loaded with plants. danderand-party-16-16 danderand-party-16-17danderand-party-16-11 danderand-party-16-12 danderand-party-16-14  Look at the poinsettia Mary saved from last year. danderand-party-16-8

We left before Santa was making his official arrival with gifts for all the little ones. Some of our kids friends have children, but Katie and her friends are not quite there yet. danderand-party-16-20

A fun evening and watching how excited the children were brought back many happy memories of holidays past.  Things are a bit more subdued without little ones around, but it is still my favorite time of the year.

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