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Back to work and sad news

January 3, 2017

It was a bit slow getting back into the groove today, catching up on mail, getting organized and prioritizing what needs to be done.  It was a foggy ride into work and the day just stayed gloomy.  The upcoming weather forecast is in flux but temperatures are definitely plummeting in the coming days with a low of 19 on Friday, but luckily with a diminishing chance of winter precipitation.  Of course that is the one day I have a meeting at our office with folks from Fayetteville to El Dorado slated to drive in.  Time will tell.

It is official– Vietnam is on the horizon.vietnam-documents-17-2Today I got my passport back with the visas for Vietnam and Cambodia vietnam-documents-17-1and then received all my documents at home. vietnam-documents-17-3 I need to take time to read them all to see what is in store.  I have  a lot to do before I leave in a few weeks.

One of the best parts of my job is connecting with people.  I have met so many wonderful volunteers over the course of my career, and have developed deep friendships with many of them.  In the months leading up to a state conference, I really get to know the committee chairs well.  It was my sincere pleasure and honor to not only build a close relationship with last year’s chairman and her husband, but almost every month I stayed with them.  Not only did they share their home with me, but they fed me both with food and friendship and it has been a bond I have treasured.  It is with a heavy heart that I heard that Mary Knight’s husband Richard passed away yesterday after a stay in the hospital this past month.  knights-3

Richard was full of life and always willing to help.  For the conference, he was my transportation chairman and took the job quite seriously going over and over the bus routes, both on paper and in his car.  He was also the head gardener at their house and worked diligently to get their garden ready for touring. He was so proud to show it off at the conference. knight-back-yard-oct-1

Both Richard and Mary worked tirelessly to make the conference a success.  They were also devoted to each other and were years younger than their actual ages.  Their relationship was truly a joy to watch.  Richard and Mary lived life to the fullest.  Richard will be missed my many.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to Mary and their family at this tough time.  RIP Richard!


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