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Cold, cleaning and friends

January 8, 2017

The bitter cold has lasted all weekend.  Today there were still some icy patches in parking lots and in shady areas.  My front steps are pretty treacherous since the sun never hits them.   We barely made it above freezing the entire weekend, but by Tuesday we are supposed to be at 62! It was a good weekend for doing inside projects.  I started back on my cleaning out projects on Friday and after a meeting on Saturday spent the rest of the time cleaning out bookshelves in the office.  4 boxes of books have gone to the library for their used book sale and more will follow.  I did find boxes of pictures that I just had to go through so it has been a bit of reminiscing as well as cleaning. I also have 3 boxes for charity as well and I haven’t even finished all of the book shelves.

I have found some weird stuff along the way.  I still had my cast from a broken ankle in college–just a few years ago! cast-1 cast-2 cast-3  I was taking it to the trash when my daughter decided she might do something with it! It must run in our genes!

I found a box of the kid’s school projects and am giving them to each of them to toss or keep, and I even have art projects that were mine as a child. janet-crafts-4

I sent boxes of old magazines out to the recycling bin and have more to go through.  Once everything is sorted then I will begin to organize book shelves, but I still have a long way to go.  It didn’t get cluttered overnight, so the end process will take more than a day or two.  It was a bit of a walk down memory lane, but it is still in shambles.

We also had supper club last night.  When we started 25 plus years ago, we rarely missed a month, but in 2016 we were a bit lax.  We have started 2017 off on the right foot and even have next months planned.  We have so much fun when we get together.  We got to see the Schultz’s new kitchen remodel and got ideas for the one we plan to start in the next couple of months.  supper-club-jan-17-2 supper-club-jan-17-5 supper-club-jan-17-6 supper-club-jan-17-8 supper-club-jan17  From great foods to wine tastings and plenty of discussion, it was a fun night.

Tomorrow travel begins.  I head to Bowie County Texas for MG training then to Nashville, Arkansas for a beekeepers meeting tomorrow night.  Thursday and Friday is the annual Arkansas Green Industry Association meeting and the Turfgrass Growers in Hot Springs, and Friday and Saturday is the Horticulture Industry Association in Fayetteville.  A busy week for sure.

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