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Spring is back!

January 10, 2017

When I walked out of my motel room this morning it felt like spring–and I was wearing a sweater with a jacket!  It was 60 degrees in Nashville, AR in the morning and it made it up to 71 degrees in my yard!  What a difference a day makes.  I did uncover my vegetables when I got home tonight and those that were covered look amazing.  bok-choy-jan10-17 veg-winter-jan10-2 veg-winter-jan10-3  Those that I did not cover are not dead, but definitely are a bit worse for wear. veg-winter-jan10-1

The sasanqua camellias that were loaded with blooms camellia-jan7-17also were zapped camellia-jan10-2but there are buds rebounding so all is not lost. camellia-jan10-1 camellia-jan10-4  I did see honey bees this evening searching for something within the camellia blooms, but they were doing ok with the hellebores which were not damaged. hellebores-jan10-17-2

Unfortunately, winter weeds don’t seem the least bit deterred by the cold.  I saw a dandelion in bloom todaydandelion-jan10-17 and have seen very healthy chickweed, henbit and wild onions the past few days in many lawns.

It was so mild at 5 p.m. tonight that it felt like spring and I had a flock of robins following me around the yard. I had 7 but only got three or four in the photos. robins-jan10-1 robins-jan10-2

I spent the afternoon at the office after getting back in town and a quick dentist appointment.  It doesn’t seem like there is enough time in the day to get everything done.

Today was also Julie’s birthday–which we will celebrate at dinner next week.  Happy Birthday Julie!  julie-and-holly-xmas-16-8

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