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Preparing, zooming, writing, and celebrating

January 11, 2017

It has been an extremely busy and WARM day. It made it up to 73 degrees and it is still 70 degrees now at 9:30 p.m. I went out to dinner tonight with Beth and Martha Ray to celebrate their January birthdays and the outside tables were packed–eating outside in January is unheard of! And to think it was in the teens just a few days ago.  Very strange weather.

I started the day trying to get my shots that I need for Vietnam, but I had to go back this evening. I got a flu shot, Hepatitis A and Typhoid.  My arms are sore tonight but the shots themselves did not hurt at all.

I made it to the office and worked on articles, powerpoints and programs.  Right after lunch we had an agent zoom meeting to finalize our ideas about online and zoom MG training. We have set fall dates for zoom and a January 2018 start for on-line. Once I meet with administrators and get the green light, I will share the information with all counties.

I left that meeting and headed to Heifer International to get photos for an upcoming story on food waste and food composting for the ADG.  Every time I go to Heifer, I am amazed by how much more they have gotten done. They hired Chris Wyman last year and he is doing amazing things. Not only are there regular gardens,urban-food-loop-17-33 but high tunnel production urban-food-loop-17-10and animals including llamas, chickens, turkeys and more all over the site. They have partnered with Read Admire and his fiance and business partner Claire Hodgson urban-food-loop-17-7from the Urban Food Loop to allow them to move their composting project on-site.  Each week he picks up buckets of food waste from homes that have contracted with him, along with whey from Kent Walker cheese and fruit by-products form a smoothie restaurant to make fabulous compost. urban-food-loop-17-16urban-food-loop-17-27urban-food-loop-17-4

I can’t wait to try the compost I receive this spring.  If you pay the $31 a month, they pick up your buckets of food scraps weekly and when you want it you get bags of compost. Sounds like a great deal to me.  Notice the age of the folks who are involved in these projects.   I think we are lucky to have them coming up the ranks and leading the way in dealing with food waste, food production and the environment.

I left there and ran across town to get my shots, then ran back across town to meet with Beth and Martha Ray.  We had a lovely dinner and a great visit as well.  beth-and-martha-ray-bd-1 beth-and-martha-ray-bd-2  Even though we are all busy folks, taking time to connect with each other is a great way to unwind after a busy day.  And birthdays are always a reason to celebrate.

I have to pack now to get ready to leave tomorrow. I first head to Hot Springs to listen to some talks and give one at the Arkansas Green Industry Association, and then I head north to Fayetteville to host the Public Garden/MG sessions Friday and Saturday. Come join us!

It is supposed to rain all weekend, so come inside and listen to some great education. The complete schedule is on the website at:

The conference is at the Chancellor Hotel on the square in Fayetteville.

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