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Office whirlwind

January 17, 2017

It was an easy drive back this morning with clear skies and cooler temperatures.  I made it into the office and the time flew by in what felt like seconds.  I tried to finalize the PP for tomorrow’s County 76 meeting, worked on columns, the final schedule and registration forms for 2017 MG Conference (which goes live Feb 1 when I am in Vietnam!), MG Conference 2017

and much more. I thought when I set this trip to Vietnam a couple of years ago that late January was a fine time to be gone on a trip, but now I am saying “What was I thinking!”  There are so many details that need to be done last-minute for the conference registration to go live, and so many events that happen in February when I return, so it is a frantic time to get things done in preparation.

Tomorrow is our first quarterly meeting of County 76 and we have 72 folks coming in from all over the state.  I just completed my PP tonight at home.  Then on Thursday we have the final session of our 2017 MG planning session before going live Feb.1.  I hope to have everything done so I can be home on Friday to pack, and get the house and dogs ready for my departure.  I have to get groceries and supplies in for the house plus everything I need for the trip.  My plane leaves at 8 a.m. on Saturday so there isn’t much wiggle room.

Today I got a copy in the mail of a great regional section of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. This issue featured the White County nominee for MG of the Year and it is an amazing article. kaye-winningham-17-1 kaye-winningham-17-2 Not only is this an amazing tribute to Kaye Winningham, it sure makes the White County and MG program in general look good.  Congratulations Kaye!  This is an excellent way to showcase your MG of the year, or project of the year and do some great recruiting for your local program!


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