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We made it to Vietnam

January 22, 2017

We are in Vietnam!  We were at the airport at 6 a.m. and we left LR at 8 a.m. for Dallas, then we were delayed by 1 hour in Dallas on Korean Air.  We had a 15 hour flight to Seoul, S. Korea.  That was a huge airport.  We had another slight delay so we made it to Ho Chi Minh city at 2 a.m. which was 1 p.m. Little Rock time. The flights were not bad–plenty of leg room.  I watched 5 movies, read a book and made it in good shape.  There were beautiful orchids and tropical flowers in the airport. In Seoul, there was snow on the ground and the temperature was 20 degrees, but it is 90 in Vietnam. ho-chi-minh-airport

Our hotel is gorgeous with so many flowering plants.vietnam-ho-chi-min-city-4 vietnam-ho-chi-min-city-5

We are here for the Vietnamese New Year, Tet, so there are even more flowers. One of the symbols is a yellow apricot.  The trees are in the lobbies and are stunning. yellow-aspricot-flower-vietnam1 yellow-aspricot-flower-vietnam2

There are pots of flowers all over the roadsides, and we have seen tons of poinsettias.poinsettias-hochimin vietnam-ho-chi-min-city-9 vietnam-ho-chi-min-city-14

There are motorcycles and skooters everywhere, and you take your life in your hands crossing the street. vietnam-ho-chi-min-city-10 vietnam-ho-chi-min-city-11 vietnam-ho-chi-min-city-15

We saw whole families riding on the scooters, but people had trees and shrubs on the back of the scooters.  This is already an adventure.

We had an amazing breakfast with normal breakfast foods, but also sushi, miso soup, fried rice, tofu, and some unusual fruits.  breakfast-day-1Pretty foods too.vietnam-ho-chi-min-city-23 vietnam-ho-chi-min-city-24

We head to the boat via bus in a couple of hours. The adventure continues.

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