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Tan Chau and entering Cambodia

January 25, 2017

Wednesday was a very interesting day in Tan Chau.  We went by tender into the town and then individually got into a trishaw.  We had very skinny men of all ages who were doing the cycling of us as we navigated the city amidst scooters, cars and other bikes. It was not as congested as Sa Dec and the children treated us like visiting celebrities waving and so excited to see us.trishaw-ride0101 trishaw-ride0103 trishaw-ride0114Our first stop was a silk workshop.  All of the “workshops” we have seen are individual family operations.  We got to see the cocoons they imported in.  They use dye to make a black silk and it is made naturally from a type of silk-workshop06 silk-workshop07 Then it was back on our trishaws to head to a rattan workshop.trishaw-ride0115 trishaw2-07 trishaw2-08 trishaw2-10 The rattan workshop was also interesting with the whole family getting into the act. rattan-workshop01 rattan-workshop02 rattan-workshop07 rattan-workshop09 We saw a lot of children at both workshops.  One of the ladies in our group had brought a polaroid camera.  She took their pictures and gave them to them. They were amazed to see their images magically appear.children-tau-chau3

Tan Chau was a much more upscale town than we saw the day before but as we walked back to our tender we walked through a group of homes and family gardens which made you appreciate of what we have back  home.vegetables-tau-chau3 village-tau-chau3 village-tau-chau4 village-tau-chau9

We made it back to the ship for lunch and entry into Cambodia.  We will have new tour guides today .  In the afternoon on the ship we had a cooking demonstration and a fruit cooking-demo-amadara-7

fruit-tasting-2 fruit-tasting-3 fruit-tasting-4

In the evening our 26 MG group met together for a fabulous meal at the Chef’s table.chefs-table-wed-1 chefs-table-wed-2 chefs-table-wed-4 chefs-table-wed-6 chefs-table-wed-9 It was maybe the best dessert I have ever eaten!chefs-table-wed-3 Today we head to the Killing Fields.


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  1. January 25, 2017 7:17 pm

    Great pictures and commentary.

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