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Catching up

January 30, 2017

We are back to high speed internet, so I will catch up from the last official post which ended with the Buddhist monastery. On day 8 we were in the Tonle Sap river where we went on a boat ride tenders-camthrough a traditional floating village.  floating-village-cambodia-1 floating-village-cambodia-4 floating-village-cambodia-6These people live year-round in these floating homes.  Those that live on the side of the river have a long walk to the river now in the dry season, but when it is the rainy season, the river rises to where they too are at the water level.floating-village-cambodia-7 floating-village-cambodia-13 floating-village-cambodia-14 The children ride a boat to get to school.  There is no indoor plumbing or running water, but they do have electricity for television, cell phones and internet service, for which they pay about $6 a month.  There were floating stores, restaurants and buildings you could rent for weddings or parties.  People were very friendly, waving at us as we drove by.  We did see a lot of small farms along the water edge.  They can farm there now or fish, but all the land near the water is completely submerged in the rainy season. tilling-cambodiacambodian-countryside2

Once back on the boat our Cambodian guides talked about life in Cambodia and gave us more history.cambodia-lecture-2

That evening was the Captains farewell reception where we got the details for disembarkation.captains-farewell-recption-3 captains-farewell-recption-5 captains-farewell-recption-6 captains-farewell-recption-8 captains-farewell-recption-10 captains-farewell-recption-14

Our boat docked at the same place we had for the Buddhist monastery.  Our poor crew had to unload our massive amount of luggage by hand up that hillside! It was amazing to watch.unloading-luggage-3unloading-luggage-5  Once we were all unloaded we began the dive to Siem Reap which will be my next post.

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