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The journey to Siem Reap

January 30, 2017

Our bus ride was going to take 5 hours, so two stops were planned and we were all given a box lunch to eat at a rest stop along the way.  The first stop was at a local market that specializes in fried insects.  Every stall was loaded with fried tarantulas, crickets, scorpions, meal worms, and roaches.  Needless to say, we did not sample the wares.fried-insects-cambodia1 fried-insects-cambodia5 fried-insects-cambodia6 fried-insects-cambodia8 Even if someone would have been adventurous and wanted to try them, our guides discouraged it, not because they weren’t a tasty treat here, but he told us they were only good if you had them freshly prepared.  These had been cooked too long and would not have been good.  We saw children walking around with live tarantulas.tarantula-with-baby They were also selling fruits here pumilo-cambodiaand we saw how they refrigerated things using blocks of ice delivered and cut by the ice man.refrigeration-cambodia1 We saw a lot of rice and lotus production along the countryside as we traveled.rice-field-cambodialotus-fields-cambodia2

We saw rice being harvested by hand and by a small combine.  We also saw it laying on large tarps in front of most homes to dry.  Lotus is used for many things from food to decoration.  At our hotel in Siem Reap the ladies were making arrangements for use all over the hotel.lotus-flower-siem-reap2 lotus-flower-siem-reap3 lotus-flower-siem-reap4

We also passed by a community that specializes in sandstone carvings.  There were all sizes and in all stages of production.sandstone-carvings-cambodia1 sandstone-carvings-cambodia4

Our final stop before our hotel was a rest stop that served food, snacks and souvenirs, plus a happy station (Bathroom). rest-stop-cambodia1 rest-stop-cambodia5 rest-stop-cambodia6

It was an easy drive after that to our hotel in Siem Reap, which is quite elegant, with beautiful tropical gardens.siem-reap-hotel3-01 siem-reap-hotel3-03 siem-reap-hotel3-07 siem-reap-hotel3-14

Half of our group left for the airport and are flying home as I write, while the rest of us have 3 more days of tours.  They took a tuk tuk to the airporttuk-tuk-to-airport4 tuk-tuk-to-airport5 while we had a Cambodian native dance and music program and dinner last night.siem-reap-dance-show2 siem-reap-dance-show3

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