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Ta Prohm

February 1, 2017

ta-prohm-temple0130 ta-prohm-temple0134 ta-prohm-temple0141Our final temple was Ta Prohm which was the site of Tomb Raider and another movie.  Unlike the other temples which they have pulled from the clutches of the jungle, in this one the jungle appears to be winning with huge tree roots intertwined with the stones and buildings. ta-prohm-temple0115 ta-prohm-temple0119 ta-prohm-temple0121

We went in the afternoon and unlike the day before when there were hardly any crowds, this one was packed.ta-prohm-temple0113 ta-prohm-temple0137

For me, this was the most unique temple.  Originally Ta Prohm was a Buddhist temple dedicated to the mother of King Jayavarman VII.  A rare inscription at Ta Prohm provides statistics on the temple’s workers. Allowing for some exaggeration to honor the king, the inscription’s report of around 80,000 workers, including 2700 officials and 615 dancers.  At one time the temple was loaded with rare stones, gold and silver.  And while they are working to restore it, just trying to hold back the jungle is a huge task.  I have taken a lot of photos of the trees and will try to sort them out when I get home.ta-prohm-temple0160 ta-prohm-temple0162 ta-prohm-temple0169 ta-prohm-temple0172

After we had a chance to freshen up a group of us had dinner together for our last night in Cambodia.last-dinner-siem-reap10 last-dinner-siem-reap11

It has been a great trip and we have learned a lot about a culture I knew very little about. Today we had time to explore the grounds, siem-reap-hotel-09 siem-reap-hotel-14 siem-reap-hotel-32 siem-reap-hotel-34pack and will head to the airport this afternoon for our journey home.  The Arkansans are dividing up in Seoul with some going through Dallas and some Chicago.  I am scheduled to be home at 3 p.m. Friday.  Wish I could wiggle my nose and magically appear there in an instant.


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