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February 12, 2017

It was a quick in and out for an oil change before I left town yesterday for the drive to Jonesboro, and with no traffic and the new bypass I made it there in record time. I was able to hear the end of Dr. Kim Pittcocks presentation on propagation. Kim had the morning and I had the afternoon training. This was a large class with folks from 8 surrounding counties–one from as far as Batesville who wanted a Saturday training. 

Mimi was helping to organize things and on hand to sell County 76 wares. 

As Kim got to the end of her talk she had some hands on props to demonstrate cuttings and rooting.

She also let them try their hands at grafting. She brought two precut pieces with the whip and tongue method and let them practice using grafting tape to wrap them. 

Everyone loves doing something hands on instead of just sitting and listening to powerpoint presentations, which is what they got from me in the afternoon. They had loads of questions and it was a really good class. 

Last night Kim and I met up for dinner and caught up. Today I will meet the garden club board for lunch before my afternoon presentation. It is a lot cooler today than yesterday. The weather can’t seem to make up its mind. 

After my 2:00 presentation on native plants, I will head home. 

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