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A full Monday

February 13, 2017

I was up and out early this morning for a breakfast meeting at the Holiday Inn Airport. Some good friends of mine from Louisiana want to host the national azalea society conference in LR in 2018.  They asked me to help them out in planning the conference and finding a spot. We narrowed the search to the Holiday Inn Airport and I met with the Holiday Inn staff this morning to go over the details and see their renovations. A lot has happened there since we last had a conference there, and it is quite nice. It should be an excellent location for the conference in April 2018.  holiday-inn-airport-feb-17-01 holiday-inn-airport-feb-17-02 holiday-inn-airport-feb-17-14 holiday-inn-airport-feb-17-21  I am also helping them find azalea gardens to tour. If you know of some that would work well in central Arkansas that have azaleas as well as other plants, let me know.

Then it was off to the office to work on the District Dig Ins, State Conference, PP’s and columns and more.  The day flew by and then tonight I spoke to the central Arkansas Beekeepers in Levy.  central-ark-beekeepers-feb17-1 central-ark-beekeepers-feb17-3 central-ark-beekeepers-feb17-4

I had about thirty minutes between getting home from work and leaving for the meeting so I ran out and planted some vegetable seeds–I planted English peas, kale, and spinach seeds to catch the rains that are predicted tomorrow. I also threw in some nasturtium seeds.

I finally had a chance to walk my garden in daylight and so much is happening. I have 5 different varieties of hellebores in bloom and I adore them all. hellebores-feb13-172 hellebores-feb13-173 hellebores-feb13-174 hellebores-feb13-176 hellebores-feb13-177 hellebores-feb13-178 hellebores-feb13-179  My bok choy has to be harvested this week as it is bolting with all this warm weather. The bees were having a field day.  I planted 12 and I have 5 left, so bok choy slaw and oven braised bok choy are in my near future. bok-choy-bolting-feb13-172 bok-choy-bolting-feb13-173 I was hoping my Chinese cabbage would head better, but they too are beginning to bolt, so I will have to use what I can. chinese-cabbage-feb13-17

The spring beauties are blooming in the lawn spring-beauty-feb-172 and the loropetalum loropetalum-feb13-172 loropetalum-feb13-173are kicking in along with rosemaryrosemary-blooms-feb13-17 and camellias. camellia-feb13-17

The variegated alstroemeria img_1820that they weren’t sure was winter hardy is back full force and so is the garlic chives!garlic-chives-feb13-17

The calendar may say February 13, but the weather and garden say SPRING!

Hope you all have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  1. J Fletcher permalink
    February 14, 2017 12:59 pm

    Janet,I have asked our administrator if we could have a bee hive here on the nursing home property and he said yes! I can’t wait to find a keeper at the flower show and get things rolling.Our veteran’s would love “homegrown” honey.Jane Fletcher


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