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Cleburne County

February 15, 2017

Last fall as I was doing MG training in Cleburne County, agent Michelle talked to me about some challenges their county was facing and that their numbers were not growing as much as they liked. We decided to hold a County Rally to come up with some strategies on how to address the challenges and come up with some solutions–or goals.

We had a great day with the majority of their members present. 

Michelle had inspirational messages all over the room. We talked about MG updates, and then I gave them some games to do to divide them into groups.  

Folks really embraced the day and what we asked of them. They had fun and they learned about each other. We did some personality profiling and talked a little about how people differ and how we can work together. After lunch we talked about their personal surveys and setting goals. But we ended with a color group team jeopardy, which the yellow team won! 

It was a really good day working with a group of volunteers and an agent who want to make a difference in their community and are dedicated to the Arkansas Master Gardener program. I am proud to work with all of them! 

I expect great things from this county moving forward! 

On the home front, my Valentine roses still look great 

And I adore the color! Thank you Clay!

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