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Crape myrtle pruning

February 18, 2017

I had an early drive to DeWitt this morning and it was an overcast and gloomy day. morning-nlr-feb17

Driving through Stuttgart there were birds everywhere. Fields of ducks, geese and egrets and cranes.  The fields were loaded as were the skies. I wished I could have stopped and taken pictures but I was on a time crunch. birds-stuttgart-1

Today we had a great day in DeWitt doing a hands-on crape myrtle pruning demonstration. We had some smaller trees that had been “murdered” for many years in a row crape-myrtle-pruning-dewitt-2that we rehabilitated and then we had two that have never been pruned since they were planted.  crape-myrtle-pruning-dewitt-10I did a short demonstration and explained the principles and they went after it.  We were happy to have some strong men to use the loppers on some of the bigger branches, and we also put the pruning saw to good use.  It will take time to get all the “knobs” off crape-myrtle-pruning-dewitt-7and the trees back to looking like they should but today was a good start and we had helpers of all ages. crape-myrtle-pruning-dewitt-8 crape-myrtle-pruning-dewitt-11 crape-myrtle-pruning-dewitt-12 crape-myrtle-pruning-dewitt-13 crape-myrtle-pruning-dewitt-15

They were looking so much better by the time we finished.  Then we drove to the community center and worked on some trees that also had been left to grow on their own.  crape-myrtle-pruning-dewitt-16 crape-myrtle-pruning-dewitt-18 crape-myrtle-pruning-dewitt-19 crape-myrtle-pruning-dewitt-20

We got the trees thinned out and the ornamental grasses cut back as well.  It was definitely an improvement with a lot of good helpers.

While I was on my way to the class I got a call from home that our oldest dog Glow had fallen and they thought was badly hurt. I told them to get her to the vet and see what she said.  It did not sound good since she was almost 16.  The vet said she had dislocated her hip and while there were options, the best for Glow was to get out of pain.  I was sad that I did not get to tell her goodbye, but she had a very good and long life.  I got home and spent time looking at the photos over her life, and was amazed at how white she had turned the last few years.  glow5 glow6  She was a good surrogate mom for the puppies that followed and was always sweet and gentle.  glow2  She will be missed.  Only pet owners know the bond that exists between our furry children and the families they become a part of.  It leaves a hole but so many good times to cherish.


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  1. Hilde Simmons permalink
    February 18, 2017 10:51 pm

    They do leave a paw print on your heart don’t they. I am sorry for your loss.

  2. Bonnie Bartleson permalink
    February 19, 2017 4:13 pm

    So very sorry for your loss. Gone through this four times and do not know how much longer I’ll have my 17 year old Westie

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  3. Mary B Henderson permalink
    February 20, 2017 3:09 am

    So sorry for your loss. So blessed to know we have good memories and that “All Good Dogs go To Heaven” and we will be reunited with them.

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