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A very busy Saturday and a return of winter

February 25, 2017

From almost 80 degrees to 33 in a matter of days is crazy, and tomorrow is forecasted to be even colder in the morning.  I just hope the wind continues to blow as it did yesterday to prevent a frost from settling.  I talked to a lot of gardeners today from all over the state and early morning temperatures ranged from a high of 35 to a low of 22.  After tomorrows deep freeze, we are supposed to get back into the upper 60’s and 70’s.  Time will tell if we get damage.  I was going to cover my blueberry bush which is in full bloom, but I didn’t get around to it, so we will take our chances.

The Arkansas Flower & Garden Show is like old home week.  I see so many friends and new friends from across the state who love to garden.  It takes me a while to walk across the show floor without stopping and talking, answering questions, looking at photos to identify and write recommendations.  I also get to visit with vendors and buy new treasures to take home–and today I did a lot of that! I also did a book signing on my new book for a couple of hours and that was a fun time talking to gardeners.

It was a jam-packed crowd and folks were in a buying mood. afgs-sat-17-55  Some came prepared for the haul home!  I got to the show early to photograph things before the crowds hit.  The horticulture competition by the Arkansas Garden Club Federation had a mixed bag of plants from blooming daffodils and camellias camellia-afgs-sat-17-21 daffodils-afgs-sat-17-18which should be in bloom to iris and pieris which are a bit early. iris-afgs-sat-17-20 pieris-afgs-sat-17-23  Mahonias were already setting fruit instead of flowering mahonia-afgs-sat-17-37and many tulip magnolias had already dropped their blooms before the competition, tulip-magnolias-jonesoboro-feb-17unless you were growing some of the later blooming varieties. magnolia-soulangiana-afgs-sat-17-38 magnolia-soulangiana-afgs-sat-17-36

The light pink varieties were stunning earlier in the week and some still are, but many more have blanketed the ground with their spent blooms because the days were so warm. The flowers did not last as long as normal, but there is nothing normal about this season!

The silent auction ended this afternoon with some fierce bidding. afgs-sat-17-53  Money raised goes towards scholarships and the greening of Arkansas grants.

Our Division of Agriculture/Extension booth was hopping with people and questions on a wide range of topics–of course, gardening, afgs-friday-10130but also chickens and rabbitsrabbit-afgs-sat-17-5 (and I think we have a budding county agent in our midst) rabbit-afgs-sat-17-6 rabbit-afgs-sat-17-4to bees, bees-afgs-sat-17-2 bees-afgs-sat-17-1food preservation,afgs-sat-17-52 trees and of course cooking!  The rice dish was a huge hit.    afgs-sat-17-51  This year there is a whole booth devoted to gardening indoors with hydroponics and LED lights.  hydroponics-afgs-sat-17-16 hydroponics-afgs-sat-17-17 hydroponics-afgs-sat-17-18 hydroponics-afgs-sat-17-19 hydroponics-afgs-sat-17-20 but there are also many of our tried-and-true returning vendors who have so many things to see and buy. afgs-sat-17-4 afgs-sat-17-5 afgs-sat-17-7 afgs-sat-17-8 afgs-sat-17-9 afgs-sat-17-10 afgs-sat-17-11 afgs-sat-17-27 afgs-sat-17-54 afgs-sat-17-56

There was another day of great seminars and how-to’s.  Tomorrow the how-to stage is still going strong, but instead of seminars there will be children’s events.  The show continues tomorrow in downtown LR at the Statehouse Convention Center from 10-4, so if you missed it today, there is still time!  Bundle up if you are coming early, but it nice inside the building and you can learn and shop to your heart’s content.  Parking is also much easier on the weekend.

Keep your fingers crossed that we don’t have plant damage tonight and that this is the last of winter for 2017!


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