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Mena to Ft. Smith and home

February 28, 2017

I did get a bit of work done in my motel room this morning before leaving for Ft. Smith. Driving out of Mena the mountains were in the fog so I was once again glad I did not drive back up the mountain yesterday.  It was an easy drive to Ft. Smith where I worked on our garden tour to Mississippi for October with a travel agent, then met up with MGs to look at some potential sites for the 2018 MG conference.  We toured one of the large parks where one of our evening dinner events is planned. ft-smith-park-feb-1 ft-smith-park-feb-3 ft-smith-park-feb-4  We timed the drive back to the host hotel and by then it was almost time to head to our planning meeting.  I did have a few minutes to walk the Learning Fields gardens. They are beginning to come alive and the donated daffodil bulbs from last year are everywhere in full bloom. daffodils-learning-fields-feb-17-9 daffodils-learning-fields-feb-17-11 learning-fields-feb-17-4 learning-fields-feb-17-1 learning-fields-feb-17-2 learning-fields-feb-17-5  They have some very unique painted rock plant markers. learning-fields-feb-17-12 We had a taste testing of a potential caterer and got updates from committees.img_2171 img_2172

I drove home with storm warnings all around, but aside from a little rain through Conway, I missed them.  I was quite happy about that.

Tomorrow morning I head down early to Hot Springs Village to do a program sponsored by the Mens Garden Club on new plants.  I have to be there around 8:30 but the program begins at 9.  It will be at the Village United Methodist Church, 200 Carmona Rd.

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